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Belar FMCS-1



FM All-in-One "Belar Solution" Unit

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The Belar FMCS-1 modulation monitor can handle FM RF carrier measurements, AM and Sync AM noise measurements, variable BW digital IF and composite filtering, RDS injection/phase and full data decoding, as well as peak and RMS measurements. The RF input is frequency agile.

It boasts an RJ-45 connector to link to the Internet for remote monitoring. It also sports a headphone output for local monitoring.

• Direct Sampling of FM RF Carrier

• Frequency Agile RF Input

• AM and Sync AM Noise Measurements

• Variable BW Digital IF Filtering

• Digital FM Demodulation

• Variable BW Composite Filtering

• Digital Stereo Demodulation with 100 dB L / R Separations

• Full Metering of Analog Peak and RMS Values

• RDS Injection/Phase and Full Data Decoding

• RJ - 45 Ethernet Interface with Remote PC Software

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