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Audiosigma PodMobile DSP



Two Ch Utra Portable Audio Recording Interface


PodMobile is a two-channel ultra-portable audio recording interface designed specifically for Podcasting and Interviews. PodMobile works seamlessly with a wide range of mics, from the quietest dynamic (e.g. Shure SM7B) to the loudest condenser (e.g. Audiotechnica AT-875R) without any additional hardware. That’s right! NO ACTIVATORS needed here, folks. PodMobile allows you to record a podcast using just your smartphone. If you’re on the go, simply plug it to your iOS or android device, and get recording instantly! No need for batteries or external power supply. PodMobile is consistent. Recording safety is the name of the game. Feel free to talk from afar or facing the microphone. The PodMobile dynamically adapts to the wide dynamics of human expression preventing audio clipping. Laugh hard, be bold, and don’t be afraid to really get on that mic!

YES, it will generate the Phantom Power from your phone. The incredibly efficient boost power supply will transform your phone into a steady phantom power source for the most demanding condenser and shotgun microphones. NO, you don’t need to be expert to sound amazing. PodMobile’s powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) makes you consistently sound professional. Get a clean, full bodied, and crisp voice at the hardware level - no post needed. Seems like magic, but it’s just genius engineering!

PodMobile not only works great on-the-go, but you can grow your gig up to 10 participants via our proprietary lossless link connectivity. Get together with your friends and link-up PodMobiles via the expansion port!


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  • Main Features:
  • 3-Level Parametric Equalizer
  • 4-Level Background Noise Reducer
  • Microphone Dynamic Gain Control
  • Recording Loopback
  • Individual Soft Muting
  • Sound-Stage Creator
  • Lossless Link Connectivity
  • Specifications:
  • Pre-amp Gain: 70.5dB
  • SNR: -115dB A-wt
  • Dynamic Range: 98dB A-wt
  • T.H.D.: <0.01% @ 25mVrms
  • XLR IN impedance: 3-kOhm
  • Output impedance: 1-Ohm
  • Output level: 5V RMS / 16.2 dBu
  • Output power: 400mW
  • Power draw min: 1.35W – 0.27A
  • Power draw max: 2.50W – 0.5A
  • Length: 12 cm (4.7 inches)
  • Width: 10 cm (4 inches)
  • Height: 4.5 cm (1.8 inches)
  • Weight: 194g (0.43 lb)