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Audioarts CRS55E



005517 -Spare Control Room Module For R55E Series

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The CRS-55e is the operator's monitor module for the Audiarts R-55e console, letting the operator listen to the console's two stereo (PGM & AUD) outputs, two mono (MONO & PRE) outputs and two external stereo line level inputs brought directly into the module. A recessed front panel multi-turn trimpot adjusts talkback level.

The CRS-55e module also houses three console monitor circuits, which follow the source selection switches. They are:

CONTROL ROOM (CR): a dedicated output designed to drive a separate, user provided power amp/speaker system in the main control room.

STUDIO: a second stereo output intended for a remote (i.e., non CR) studio power amp/speaker system.

HEADPHONE (HDPN): an additional output (with built-in power amp) that drives the console operator's headphones. There are two types of headphone output: the +4dBu balanced output at the module's right DB-25 connector (B), and the headphone jack mounted in the right-hand corner of the console, which is actually the output from a built-in headphone amplifier.

MONITOR OUTPUT: a monitor source select (without CUE or MUTE interrupt) independent output.

The CRS-55e module sports a talkback switch. When the talkback switch is pressed (it is momentary action), any microphone assigned to talkback bus will interrupt the regular monitor signals being sent to the studio.

All user wiring to and from the CRS-55e module takes place at the DB-25 multi-pin connectors mounted at the top of the module and located underneath the hinged meterbridge. There are two connectors: the left one accepts the external 2 source input and handles audio outputs; the right accepts the external 1 source input and handles audio outputs. All audio connections are stereo line level analog

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