Series 2 Two-Input 1x8 Digital Audio DA, up to 192 kHz SR

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DDA208 Dual 1x4 Digital Audio Distribution Amplifiers are designed to regenerate, isolate and distribute digital audio data formatted in accordance with specifications AES3-1992 and IEC 958. This is commonly called AES/EBU formatting or AES3. The DDA208 isolated dual inputs feed AES audio each to four separate outputs. An internal switch selects either re-clocking or non-re-clocking of the input signal. In most cases, re-clocking is preferred, as this feature improves the integrity of weak or distorted input signals. Re-clocking may be switched off ot allow distribution of AES sync signals, Dolby E encoded AES signals, or other signals that should not be re-clocked.

DDA208 units work with AES signals that contain sample rates from 27 through 192kHz and16-bit through 24-bit density, thus permitting very high resolution signals to be distributed.

The DDA208 uses XLR input/output connectors, and operates from and drives a 110-ohm balanced shielded twisted pair distribution system per AES3-1992. Switchable line termination is provided via an internal switch. Standard practice dictates that the last AES input be terminated.

$2,077.27 $2,285.00
You save $207.73

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  • Main Features:
  • Accepts sample rates from 27 to 192kHz
  • Switchable re-clocking regenerates stable data before distribution
  • Transformer balanced and isolated inputs
  • Switchable input termination
  • Individual, transformer balanced and isolated 110-ohm XLR outputs
  • Eight outputs; inputs can be bridged via internal switch to provide 1x8 output capability
  • Quiet, internal power supply
  • AC Input 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 25W Maximum
  • Attractive and rugged 1RU package
  • Specifications:
  • CONNECTORS - 2 each XLR Female
  • LEVEL - XLR 0.2Vp-p minimum
  • IMPEDANCE - Transformer isolated, balanced and floating, XLR 110 ohms; terminating resistors may be switched in or out via internal switch
  • SAMPLING FREQUENCY - 27 to 192kHz
  • CABLE LENGTH - > 1000 feet (300 meters) of 110 ohm cable with equalizer
  • EQUALIZER - EQ for long lines via internal switch
  • CLOCK - Regenerated from input signal with dual mode PLL or non-re-clocked to preserve surround coding, switchable via internal switch
  • A-B INPUTS BRIDGED - Inputs can be bridged via internal switch to provide 1x8 output capability
  • OUTPUTS - group a/b
  • CONNECTORS - 4 each XLR Male
  • LEVEL - XLR 4Vp-p loaded
  • IMPEDANCE - XLR 110 ohms, balanced and transformer isolated
  • OUTPUT JITTER - < 300 picoseconds peak to peak.
  • PROPAGATION DELAY - < 25 nanoseconds
  • INDICATORS - output groups a/b