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Arrakis MLC-004


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Arrakis Master Library Collection of 60's and 70's Country Hits on DVD-R disc (approximately 859 songs) for Arrakis automation products.

Ripping, processing, compressing, and setting data on music is time consuming and expensive. And because today's rippers and compressors are so much better than just a few years ago, Arrakis has completely remastered its radio library collection to make your life easier and your sound better.

Please Note: All libraries are solely intended for either call letter radio stations or Internet based stations registered with Sound Exchange.

Arrakis Master Library Collection Features:
• Completely re-mastered in 2010 for today's players
• Recorded as MP3s at 256kbps for professional audio quality
• Silence has been trimmed from the front and back of the audio files
• Audio level has been 'Normalized' to maximum level for consistent playback
• Audio files have been named in Digilink-Xtreme format so they are ready to use
• The 'Intro time to Voice' and segue 'EOM' times have been set on each file for overlaps

$975.10 $995.00
You save $19.90

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