Arrakis MARC-15-8



Modular Advanced Radio Console with 8 Input Modules

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The Arrakis MARC-15 is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for On Air radio, Production, and News applications. Its modular design allows the console to be configured exactly to a studio's needs and to be easily serviced. Three output buses easily handle on air, background production and a third mix for the most complex shows.

The Arrakis MARC-15 is a single 15-channel mainframe with a wide variety of input and option module configurations to deliver ultimate flexibility. Installation is fast and easy with the attractive low profile tabletop design and the RJ45 terminated cables that come included with the console.

Machine source control is by isolated reed relays. The meter panel hinges up and back for access to I/O connectors and trimpots. All I/O is by RJ45 connectors. The power supply is an external, auto sensing 110-220VAC module. The meter panel contains meters for all three buses, a digital timer, and a built in cue/talkback speaker.

The Output module comes standard with the console. The 8, 12, and 15 channel base models can then be configured with any combination of input modules that you choose. There can be a maximum of one PC USB module, two Phone modules and one Studio Monitor module per mainframe. Any number of mic or stereo line modules can be added until the open modules in the mainframe are full.

This version comes with a total of 8 modules (specify module choices when ordering).

• Three stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns) plus Monitor, Headphone, and Cue systems

• 15-channel modular mainframe supports many types of input modules (all with LED illumination)

• High performance mic modules with 48V phantom power (A/B inputs), (turret control logic & tally for 'A' inputs)

• Balanced, stereo line level input modules (A/B inputs), (isolated relay source logic for 'A' inputs)

• Powerful Phone module with hybrid control logic (mainframe supports two phone modules)

• USB soundcard input module for playing and recording directly in digital from a Windows PC (one per mainframe)

• Optional Studio Monitor module for Talk studios

• Real VU meters monitor all three Output buses

• Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker

• Built-in Timer with manual and automated control

• Includes DHD-Live, Live Assist Software - perfect for broadcast and internet radio applications. (Must have USB module to use DHD-Live)

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