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4 Audio Output - 1 Audio input Sound Card

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This extremely powerful sound card gives you audiophile professional sound that will set your station apart from the rest. Instead of dropping thousands on a 3rd party proprietary sound card, or use a low quality on-board PC sound card, you can now use the Harmony Sound Card. It is rack mountable, and has RJ45 inputs and outputs on the back, with 1/4" stereo outputs on the front.

Connect the Harmony Sound Card 4 outputs to your console. This gives you 3 outputs to assign to 3 different faders on your board. By which you can manually fade a song, bring up a music bed underneath your voice track, and then volume up the next song on your console. Giving you that extra flexibility that many DJ's demand. The 4th output is designated as your Cue output to audition audio files on the fly. The 1 input allows you to connect any incoming audio source. This input can be used for manual recordings. There is also a sum audio input, that plays out Output 1, which is used for playing an outside audio feed live.

$637.00 $650.00
You save $13.00

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