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Arrakis ARC-WAVE-6-M2



ARC-15BP Console, NEWWAVE, with 3 Music Libraries

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Quality and connectivity are two fundamental requirements for broadcast radio consoles. The ARC series consoles were the first to introduce PC & Mac connectivity with its USB audio channel. It also led the way with its use of the RJ-45 connection. These achievements put the ARC series ahead of its time and gives you the power you need for your station.

Take calls on the audition bus, where you may record the call for later playback, or send it to the program out to play over the air. It is as simple as a click of a button. The consoles do all this, while still allowing an external phone hybrid to be connected to channel 15 (ARC-15) or channel 10 (ARC-10) at the same time.

$4,899.02 $4,999.00
You save $99.98

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  • Main Features:
  • 2 stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns)
  • 15 input source channels
  • 5 high performance mic channels
  • PC computer sound card channel for Play and Record
  • One phone input channel for fast Live and Off-line telephone interface (hybrid required)
  • Multi-turn trimpot level adjust on all XLR I/O
  • Headphone system with stereo amp for 8 ohm (or Hi-Z) headphones
  • Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
  • Input channel logic for Remote channel on-off-tally and source start-stop
  • Provides monitor audio and logic for a Studio /Announce booth
  • Some cabling included. Check Arrakis Systems website for details
  • Includes DHD-Live, Live Assist Software - perfect for broadcast and internet radio applications.
  • Arrakis NEWWAVE Windows PC based software is designed specifically for playing audio files from hard disk, internet streams, FTP stored audio files, MP3 players, smart phones, text to speech, and much more.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, NEWWAVE lets you do live broadcasts, automated broadcasts, podcasts, and stream for Internet radio all at the same time. Designed for both novice and professional alike, it has the simplicity required to get to air quickly but also boasts sophisticated features for advanced users.
  • Highly fault tolerant, NEWWAVE will not allow dead air in automation. And if connected to an Arrakis Advanced Radio Console (ARC series), the console and software merge to complete a powerfully integrated radio workstation.
  • NEWWAVE supports the Windows 8 operating system.
  • Arrakis NEWWAVE Features:
  • Perfect for broadcast and Internet radio
  • Live on-air, automation, and production
  • Simulcast live, automate, stream, and podcast
  • Streaming radio server support
  • Works with streaming service providers
  • Produce and distribute podcasts
  • Schedule for a day, a week, or a year
  • Voice track locally or from a remote PC
  • Supports traffic and billing
  • Sophisticated music scheduling built in
  • Designed for Windows 7 PC computers
  • Arrakis Automation Comparison Chart:
  • Included in this package is the Arrakis Master Library Collection. Ripping, processing, compressing, and setting data on music is time consuming and expensive. And because today's rippers and compressors are so much better than just a few years ago, Arrakis has completely remastered its radio library collection to make your life easier and your sound better.
  • Please Note:
  • All libraries are solely intended for either call letter radio stations or Internet based stations registered with Sound Exchange.
  • Arrakis Master Library Collection Features:
  • Completely re-mastered in 2010 for today's players
  • Recorded as MP3s at 256kbps for professional audio quality
  • Silence has been trimmed from the front and back of the audio files
  • Audio level has been 'Normalized' to maximum level for consistent playback
  • Audio files have been named in Digilink-Xtreme format so they are ready to use
  • The 'Intro time to Voice' and segue 'EOM' times have been set on each file for overlaps