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APT SureStreamer



Dual-Stream IP streaming unit - Sure Stream


For broadcasters who wish to benefit from the cost savings and reliability offered by SureStream but don’t want to invest in new Codec hardware, the APT SureStreamer is the perfect solution.

It can sit in front of any existing single port IP Audio Codecs from any manufacturer enabling the use of easily affordable IP connections to deliver broadcast-grade audio with no interruptions, glitches or drop-outs. It continues to provide a seamless audio stream, even when one of the contributory links suffers a total Loss of Connection.

Using either two separate wired internet connections or one wired, one wireless (i.e. DSL plus 3G/4G), the APT SureStreamer allows broadcasters to send the same audio content over divergent paths for increased redundancy. In addition, the sophisticated stream generation and resequencing engine of SureStream further increases the robustness and reliability of the connection. Overall, the system ensures that one perfectly seamless, reconstructed stream is produced by the decoder, achieving the reliability & audio quality you expect from an E1/T1 using easily affordable public internet connections.


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  • Main Features:
  • Enables Affordable Upgrade to cutting-edge IP technologyAPT SureStream Technology
  • Connects to standard IP audio codecs from many manufacturers
  • Connect via 2 wired connections OR
  • Connect via both wired & wireless links
  • Ensures “Always ON” Redundancy
  • Enables cost savings with use of public internet
  • Algorithm-agnostic Unit - does not matter what coding scheme used, IBC Best of show APT Surestreamer
  • Uses tried & tested, Multiple Award-winning SureStream technology