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APT Mobile Surestreamer



Dual-Stream IP streaming unit - Sure Stream Mobile with bag


With the APT Mobile SureStreamer, experience a new standard of high-quality remote broadcasting thanks to industry-leading reliability, connectivity, and low latency. Thanks to this award-winning mobile network acces point, you can say goodbye to jitter, drop-outs, delays...unleashing the power of your live remotes!

The APT Mobile SureStreamer ensures perfect, reconstructed content from the field to the studio through affordable 3G/4G/5G public internet links. Also, thanks to the TCP-free signal chain, the APT Mobile SureStreamer ensures a latency significantly lower than traditional broadcast solutions. With a latency of under 1 second, you can broadcast from multiple locations simultaneously (such as panel discussions, split location radio shows, or multi-arena sports coverage) with rock-solid streaming and zero packet losses.

With a rackmount SureStreamer as the studio endpoint, it is compatible with IP transport formats of any portable IP codecs; it is an easy plug & play solution which comes in the form of a lightweight, integrated unit with a convenient carry bag. This resilient solution is suitable for a variety of remote applications from desktop remotes, sports casting, OB vans, and any on-the-field news reports. With the new SureStreamVPN over 4G/5G, you air your radio show from anywhere you want.

What's Included:

• APT SureStreamer

• Two 3G/4G modems with internal antennas

• Battery pack with international charger, LED status indicator, power switch

• 2.4 GHz WIFI Router

• Protective carry bag


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  • Main Features:
  • Compatibility with many IP codec types and brands:
  • The APT Mobile SureStreamer improves the IP links of different codecs with better latency and connectivity. It offers high resilience at major network events and the ability to stream from challenging locations.
  • Ultra-low latency & zero drop-outs:
  • Thanks to the TCP-free signal chain and the dual path audio over two redundant 3G/4G networks, the APT Mobile SureStreamer ensures top-notch performance and optimal latency in all circumstances.
  • Immediate and simple configuration:
  • When on the field, all users need to do is connect the device to their broadcasting gear (codec, microphone, smartphone, headset, etc.), switch it on, and broadcast... live!
  • Low operating costs:
  • By distributing content over affordable 3G/4G public internet links, the APT Mobile SureStreamer functions as a replacement for expensive ISDN, MPLS or Satellite links.
  • Specifications:
  • Mobile codec compatibility: Smartphones, IP codecs, IP desktop remote mixers (many brands, including TieLine, Comrex...); software IP audio codecs (e.g., from PC)
  • Studio codec compatibility: APT codecs with SureStream technology; all codec brands connected to a Studio SureStreamer
  • Radio networks: Two 3G/4G modems internationally approved attached to 2 ETH ports. 5G-Ready.
  • Ethernet: 4 universal Ethernet interfaces allow connection to any type of network access (xDSL, WIFI router, 3G/4G router supplied), cable modem, satellite terminal, IP radio link, and any other enterprise network
  • WIFI access: Wireless access to the Internet (for any remote device), access to management GUI.
  • Total ports: 2 networks (WAN), 1 Codec IN/Out (LAN), 1 Control (WiFi), 4 USB Ethernet (for power of ext. devices), redundant DC In (+12VDC)
  • Media transport: Supports UDP or RTP/UDP streams, also allows transmitting of proprietary hybrid protocols
  • Live audio distribution: Yes
  • Live video distribution: Yes (video codec bandwidth 25 Mbps max.)
  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • Weight: 2.5 kg for the APT Mobile SureStreamer kit, excluding non-supplied equipment such as codec, headset, microphone, etc.
  • Dimensions of bag: w/h/d: 280 x 250 x 130mm