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APT IP Encoder Silver



IP Audio Encoder

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The APT IP Encoder Silver and IP Decoder Silver (formerly known as Stream-In/Stream-Out Silver) combine to enable affordable yet professional delivery of audio content over IP networks. Low on cost but rich in features, these units are perfect not only for standard broadcast applications such as STLs and confidence monitoring, but also for commercial IP audio distribution in retail, hospitality, hospitals, campuses and many other applications.

$1,314.29 $1,380.00
You save $65.71

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  • Main Features:
  • Low cost separate encoder and decoder
  • SureStream on single port
  • Complete range of algorithms as standard
  • Compact 1/2U design – fit two units in 1U rackspace
  • Compatible with APT & NACIP-compliant codecs
  • Dynamic DNS Client
  • UPnP Support
  • Intuitive Web interface
  • Quiet, no-fan operation
  • Reliable and robust encoding/decoding of audio over IP networks
  • Professional XLR connections
  • Compact ½ x 1U unit
  • Standard algorithms include professional
  • Enhanced apt-X & linear audio, MPEG 2/4 HEAAC v1/2 coding
  • Compatible with other APT and N/ACIP compliant codecs
  • Audio Back-Up courtesy of on-board USB port#
  • APT IP Codecs AoIP Module Powerful Control
  • Intuitive web-based browser control
  • Intelligent Control with ScriptEasy*
  • Support Dynamic DNS for global accessibility by hostname rather than IP address
  • Supports UPnP IGD protocol for configuration of UPnP enabled Internet gateways (routers)
  • Headphone monitoring for complete confidence
  • Embedded auxiliary data
  • Auto-detection of incoming IP streams#
  • APT IP Codecs AoIP Module Powerful Savings
  • Extremely affordable with no compromise to quality
  • Features APT’s revolutionary SureStream technology for seamless, broadcast-grade audio over public IP links
  • Specifications:
  • Size 2 codecs fit into 1U 19” rack space, ½ U each
  • Dimensions 44mm x 220mm x 160mm 1.73” x 8.66” x 6.3”
  • Weight < 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • Power Supply External 12v DC supply with locking connector
  • Power Consumption <15W
  • Environmental 0°C to +55°C, 95% humidity
  • IP Ethernet 1 x RJ45, RTP/UDP, SIP/ SDP#
  • Aux Data 9 pin D type DTE, RS232 level. Baud rates (embedded) 1200 to 9600. Baud rates (over IP) 1200 to 19200
  • Control
  • Web interface, SNMP
  • Analogue Audio I/O
  • XLR connectors
  • USB slot for audio backup#
  • Connector DC power supply connector with locking capability
  • Audio Analogue Audio Bandwidth 10Hz through to 22.5kHz mono & stereo
  • Sample Rate Converter 8:1
  • Standard Coding Eapt-X16/24, Linear 16/24,MPEG 4 HE-AAC V1/V2
  • Coding Delay Enhanced apt-X 1.9ms @48kHz Fs
  • Dynamic Range > 85dB
  • Phase Response Linear DC to Fs/2
  • Pass Band Ripple < 0.2dB