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AEQ TH-03.2EX 2 Line Digital Hybrid



Dual Line Digital Hybrid with Frequency Extender. 19" Rack, 1U height.

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The TH-03 is an advanced digital hybrid that comes in versions for 1 or 2 telephone lines, and either analog or AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.

Each model has built-in signal level metering for each hybrid line. Feedback is automatically mitigated by the digital hybrid, and no adjustments or calibration required.

The two line models include a mix-minus bus for multiplex communication while on-air or on-hold in the studio: Pressing the MPX button automatically establishes a conference between the two telephone lines, so only a single audio feed to and from the hybrid to the mixing console is needed. The TH-03 takes care of simultaneously getting both in-bound calls to the console, and provides audio from the console back to each individual telephone line, with both console audio and the other callers audio.

The TH-03 also has AEQ’s exclusive built-in frequency extender. When activated, it moves all frequencies 250 Hz upwards on the send line and 250 Hz downwards on the receive line. This additional 2 ½ octaves results in enhanced bass frequencies. To use the frequency extender functionality, another AEQ hybrid must be used at the far end.

Each telephone line incorporates a SET port which is disabled when the hybrid is on-air. Each of the TH-03’s telephone lines Off-Hook, Frequency Extender, and On-Air functions can be controlled locally via the front panel, or remotely using a console or a remote control panel.

The TH-03 is capable of operating with single or dual lines. Independent outputs line level, or multiplexed output provided by its unique multiplexing capabilities. Working with dual lines permits telephone multiconference, allowing the On Air personality and two callers to talk and listen to each other simultaneously.

Feedback is eliminated by the digital hybrid. No adjustments required to operate.

• Analog program input XLR female Input impedance: >6KΩ Electronic balancing Nominal input level: 0dBm

• Analog program output XLR male Electronic balancing Nominal output level: 0dBm

• Digital program input : (optional by means of additional board) XLR female Nominal input level: -22dBFS

• Digital program output (optional by means of additional board) XLR male Nominal output level: -22dBFS

• Input/output By transformer Impedance: 600Ω

• Bandwith: With frequency extension desactivated: 300 - 4000Hz, +/-1dB With frequency extension activated 50 - 3750Hz, +/-1dB

• THD+N Distortion Line: <0.1% Program output: <0.1%

• Absolute noise Tx: <-80dBm Rx: <-79dBm

• Frequency extension Tx: +250Hz Rx: -250Hz

• Cross-talk In any case, lower than absolute noise

• Program output level <-75dBm (line impedance 600Ω, signal source at 1KHz, nominal input and output levels)

• AC Power Supply 90 / 250 VAC (50 / 60Hz)

• Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 486 x 238 x 44

$1,437.50 $1,725.00
You save $287.50

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