AEQ Systel Set Plus



Touch Screen IP Phone - AEQ Systel IP Phone System

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*Control Surface ONLY. Requires AEQ IP16, IP12 or IP4 to function.

This is the operation application embedded in the SYTELSET+ phone with touch screen. This provides for a very flexible operation and it is a great option to a PC in the control rooms or other areas with reduced space. .It is a valid option for all kinds of work environments, but its features are most appreciated in confined spaces (it only takes a surface of 26 x 17 cm, less than many other telephones), self-control rooms or in programs where there is not a large control staff, where calls are not the most important part of the program, but only one more important element. On the terminal itself, using the function keys and the touch screen, calls are dialed or accepted, put on hold or pre-listened, their send and return levels are adjusted, they can be put on air, locked on air or hung up. The operational mode can be chosen between call queue or several calls on air simultaneously. The queue is built on the lines itself with an indication of next call to be put on air. It also allows for the management of a call book and call scheduling. Lines can be shared between different programs and the layout is adapted to the number of available lines at each moment, thus making the best use of the phone’s touch screen. SYSTELSET+, thanks to its reduced dimensions, allows for agile and flexible operation compatible with the Original Systel IP application in other terminals.

$988.75 $1,130.00
You save $141.25

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