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Multi-conference Talk Show System - 16 plus 4 DANTE

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SYSTEL IP is a “call-in” system and multiconference capability that drastically reduces the costs for this type of communications. It significantly improves the audio quality, increases the flexibility and integration with already existing telephone systems at the station or company. The investment required is very small and will be amortized very rapidly through simple cost saving. Business telephone systems are rapidly migrating to VoIP technology, integrating IP switchboards or virtual, allowing access to new alternative telecommunication service providers. Telephony or call-in systems for broadcast applications have until now been an isolated island with important operational costs and stagnant technology. SYSTEL IP allows to connect the broadcast telephone system to the current corporate PBXs, based on IP, avoiding maintaining conventional lines exclusive for broadcast. SYSTEL IP allows for VoIP connection of 4-wire lines from intercom matrixes or audio consoles in order to establish multi-conference circuits or external coordination in radio or TV stations. Further, in a business environment it allows for the interconnection of several meeting rooms as well as audio routing between building locations and for example simultaneous translation systems, even if these are remotely located.

The SYSTEL IP 16 behaves as a combination of 16 IP telephone terminals that can be shared in a flexible and dynamic way between the four studios. Calls arrive by the WAN Ethernet connection The control is provided through the Ethernet LAN by a PC that has the control and configuration applications installed. Audio can be connected locally using analogue or digital connections, or through the Dante network. Control terminals access the control server and Systel equipment via IP. SYSTEL IP16 allows the use of 4 IP phone terminals for control (one per studio, as an example). There are two analogue audio inputs and outputs, and 2 dual digital ones in the device, what allows for audio connection without requiring Dante. The control room technician can attend calls by talking through order circuit and listening y CUE if the SYSTELSET+ control terminals are assigned to the producers. An auxiliary bus without telephone audio is sent from each studio console in order to be added to the rest of phone calls’ audio and provide particularized return to each telephone. Additional control PCs can be installed.

All the processing and connectivity power required to manage 16 IP lines is concentrated on a frame with 1U rack height: IP connectors for audio, control and voice, 2 analog inputs and outputs, 4 AES3 digital inputs and outputs, 32 Dante / AES 67 inputs and outputs, 12 GPI and 12 GPO. Includes configuration and user software for an unlimited number of terminals.

$6,300.00 $7,200.00
You save $900.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Systel IP16, with 1U rack height for 16 IP phone lines, 4 additional lines for IP operator phones, 4 digital inputs/outputs, 2 analog inputs/outputs and 32 Dante protocol IP inputs/outputs, enough for up to 4 studios.
  • Systel IP Phone System Main Features:
  • SYSTEL IP does not operate on hybrids, but on a 4-wire digital matrix: all the lines can intervene live and simultaneously without loss of quality.
  • Significant cost savings can be obtained by connecting the entire system to an Internet telephony provider, or as extensions of the IP PBX that is already in service in the corporation.
  • It is profitable even by just replacing the analog telephone hybrids in one or two studios with a SYSTEL IP4, turning the phone lines into IP telephony through an FXO gateway.
  • SYSTEL IP12 and SYSTEL IP16 share the IP lines in a very flexible and dynamic way with up to 4 studios through very simple analog or digital cabling not having to deploy special and expensive audio nodes. SYSTEL IP 16, also offers many channels of local audio input and output through IP, in Dante format, compatible with AES 67.
  • It is possible to create much larger installation, with dozens of studios or even for a whole network of broadcasting stations. In such scenario, the SYSTEL IP4, SYSTEL IP 12 or SYSTEL IP16 will be a simple set of extensions and that can share agendas and users.
  • SYSTEL IP control terminals are extremely powerful, flexible, economical and practical. We can use: - A handset (passive telephone terminal) to talk to the interlocutors, and a Windows based application installed on a PC, - An IP phone in order to make calls and talk to the remote party, as well as a software application that can be installed on any PC. - An IP phone with touch screen, in order to make calls and talk to the remote party, running a specific embedded application.
  • Several studios and work spaces can be defined. Multiple control terminals with internal and individual labelling and chat lines can be used in a studio, thus dividing the work among producers, technicians and talents.
  • Possibility to set the number of audio signals arriving at the studio console, allowing for level adjustment either through this SW application or the fader of the mixing console.
  • There are applications with different layouts and functions available in order to suit different types of operation.
  • For Specs and more information on SYSTEL