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AEQ Phoenix Mercury



Full Duplex Stereo IP Audio Codec

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The AEQ PHOENIX MERCURY full duplex IP audio codec offers connections in Stereo, Dual or Mono. It's exclusively controlled through a simple PC interface, allowing for remote or local management of one or a series of audio codecs. Despite its compact design (two units can fit in a 1RU tray), it's a fully professional codec that's compatible with most audio codecs from other manufacturers. MERCURY is ideal for STL applications, radio broadcast networks, outside broadcast contributions or as digital hybrids for IP Telephony.

MERCURY supports SIP signaling and the most common encoding algorithms, including the proprietary AEQ LD and optionally AAC encoding modes. It sports balanced analog audio I/O through XLR connectors, as well as digital audio AES/EBU I/O. And it's pre-registered to quickly use the services of AEQ's SIP Server, simplifying connection establishment.

For detailed information on the PHOENIX-MERCURY, click on the.

• IP Audio Codec: Stereo, bidirectional; allows for stereo dual or mono connections

• Compatible with most audio codecs

• IP Advantages: Adaptive buffer to absorb network jitter; automatic IP parameter configuration through DHCP; FEC

• AEQ SIP Server simplifies IP connections at no cost to you

• Continuous data channel lets you transport embedded data within the audio stream for equipment remote control and more

• Includes encoding algorithms for any purpose: recommended algorithms according to N/ACIP EBU Tech3326, plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithm (AAC algorithms can be supplied optionally)

• Line level XLR balanced analog I/O on XLR connectors (AES/EBU digital I/O optional)

• Compact (two can fit in one 19" rack unit)

$1,020.83 $1,225.00
You save $204.17

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