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FORUM LITE is an ultra-compact digital audio mixer for Radio and Television consisting in a control surface and audio engine, specially designed for ON AIR broadcast control, and very adaptable to different work situations. It comprises all the basic necessary functions for this kind of environments: automatic monitor cut, cough cut, fader start, signaling control, signals for external equipment automation, external communications management, intercom, etc.

Its reduced size makes this mixer perfectly adaptable to many different scenarios: self-control, control-studio, audio control in television, sound production, mixed configurations and integration in large systems.

One of the main qualities of AEQ FORUM LITE is the extensive internal routing capacity which provides: 28 inputs and 30 outputs for analogue, digital or microphone audio signals, 16 or 32 inputs/outputs multichannel audio over an AoIP (audio over IP) link, 2 optional inputs/outputs for telephone hybrid and another 64 optional inputs/outputs multichannel audio over a MADI link (and exclusive regarding AoIP functionality: both options can’t be active at the same time).

What's Included:
• Forum IP countersink modular surface with a FR CTRL control module and 3 FR CH -4 fader module
• Mcore Audio Mixer engine with:
- 4 mic/line inputs
- 4 stereo AES/EBU digital audio inputs (possible to setup as SPDIF)
- 12 mono analogue inputs (possible to 6 stereos)
- 2 USB stereo digital inputs and outputs
- 4 stereo AES/EBU digital audio outputs (possible to setup as SPDIF)
- 8 mono analogue outputs (possible to 4 stereos) - Single power supply

16-channel Dante AoIP module, telephone hybrid module, MADI module, or power redundancy not included.

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