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Clear-Com RM-704



The Clear-Com Encore intercom system delivers superb audio performance while offering a streamlined, user-intuitive design. All components are built to handle the roughest use in fast-paced, high-intensity applications. Even under the most challenging conditions, the noise attenuating headsets and noise canceling microphones, combined with anti-sidetone circuitry, minimize acoustic noise and feedback to provide superior sound quality. The Clear-Com RM-704 remote intercom station offers four channels with superior audio and versatile channel access for unmatched communication flexibility. All front-panel controls are intuitive and easy to operate. The station's front-panel buttons are programmable and can be customized for a wide variety of applications that will meet the demands of any stage, studio, or field producer. Separate volume controls for every channel ensure the perfect audio mix in the headset or on the integral speaker. The RM-704 is powered directly from the intercom line and requires no external AC power, allowing it to be placed anywhere regardless of available electrical mains.

The Clear-Com RM-704 accepts a wide range of dynamic headsets, with a choice of headset connectors. Optional plug-in noise-canceling gooseneck microphones are available in 9" and 18" lengths. The RM-704 is equipped with a global Remote Mic Kill button that can turn off the microphone talk circuits of all Clear-Com beltpacks in the system, eliminating extraneous noise from the open headset microphones. The Clear-Com RM-704 accepts five separate program audio sources: four line-level balanced inputs and one assignable line level input. The assignable program input accepts a balanced signal and is designed for monitoring external audio in the headset or speaker. The four balanced program inputs can be used to create individual program feeds on the intercom channels. Three of these channels can be used for program interrupt.

A removable front panel gives the operator easy access to the station's configuration switches and trim pots. Clearly labeled and simple to adjust, these controls allow the station to be instantly configured for virtually any communications application. When configuration is complete, the front panel re-attaches, revealing only those controls useful for normal operation.


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  • Main Features:
  • Four Independent Intercom Channels for ultimate flexibility
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Logic assures maximum communications power
  • Separate Talk and Listen Buttons for each channel
  • Individual Listen Volume Controls for each channel
  • All-Talk Function permits instant communications to all four channels
  • Four Separate Program Inputs are electronically balanced
  • Three Interruptible IFB Channels make talent cueing easy
  • Announce Button with Relay for external paging
  • Visual Call Signaling alerts users when others want to speak to them
  • Wide-Range High-Output Speaker for optimum clarity in all acoustic environments
  • Hot-Mic Output allows easy connection to external IFBs
  • Adjustable Mic Proximity Compensation reduces acoustic feedback
  • Superior Contoured Audio insures excellent voice intelligibility under all noise conditions, including high-noise environments
  • LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, and mic on
  • Remote Mic Kill switch turns off the microphone talk circuits