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Clear-Com CS-702



The Clear-Com Encore intercom system delivers superb audio performance while offering a streamlined, user-intuitive design. All components are built to handle the roughest use in fast-paced, high-intensity applications. Even under the most challenging conditions, the noise attenuating headsets and noise canceling microphones, combined with anti-sidetone circuitry, minimize acoustic noise and feedback to provide superior sound quality. The Clear-Com CS-702 two-channel main intercom station supports up to 40 beltpacks or 7 speaker stations on 2 channels and can monitor intercom activity on one or both channels with individual Listen Level controls through a headset, external earphone or speaker. It contains a mic preamp with limiter and proprietary speech-shaping circuits for enhanced intelligibility. An individual electronic momentary/latching talk button is provided for each channel.

The Clear-Com CS-702 provides individual Call buttons for each channel to signal all stations on the channel(s). When a remote station operator sends a Call signal, the CS-702's associated Talk button lights brightly, attracting the attention of any operators who have removed their headsets or turned off their speakers. Its Remote Mic Kill button will turn off the microphone talk circuits of all Clear-Com beltpacks, eliminating annoying noise from the open headset microphones. Sidetone control allows the operator to vary the level of his or her own voice as heard in the headset. The CS-702 provides individual sidetone adjustment for each channel.


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  • Main Features:
  • Supports up to 40 beltpacks or 7 speaker stations on 2 channels
  • Automatic short-circuit protection and reset with LED indicators
  • Dual-action electronic momentary/latching Talk buttons
  • Mic- or line-level program with selectable Program Interrupt
  • Remote Mic Kill feature eliminates annoying noise from open headset microphones
  • Stage announce with relay
  • Individual volume controls for each channel
  • Front-panel headphone connector
  • Channel A & B Link switch to operate as a one-channel system
  • Front-panel speaker output
  • UL approved
  • LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, or mic on