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Allen and Heath CQ18T


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CQ-18T is the largest desktop mixer in the CQ range and is ideal for gigging bands, rehearsal spaces, home recording and streaming, speech applications and corporate AV. CQ takes our renowned processing and effects, adds exciting new assistive mixing tools, and packages it all up into our smallest, and most affordable, digital mixer series yet. Every input channel on CQ can be switched between two modes. Quick Channels offer instrument and application specific processing with the ability to dial in a full channel of processing via a single knob. Need more control? Switch to Complete Channels for advanced, in-depth tweaking of parameters. Setting the correct amount of gain for each channel isn’t the most exciting task, and it quickly eats into your setup time with multiple channels to take care of. CQ’s Gain Assistant quickly and accurately sets the optimal gain level for one or multiple input channels and continues to monitor levels during the performance to prevent any nasty peaks or surprises.

CQ introduces a new suite of high-quality, user-friendly reverb, delay and modulation algorithms with instrument-specific presets for speedy setup. Selected units feature our new FX Assist tool, automatically shaping the effects and dynamically responding to your input signal to ensure your mix is enhanced by FX, not engulfed. CQ-18T gives you all the tactile control you need to get around the interface quickly. A 7″ touchscreen and rotary control make it simple to set up and get mixing, and the 3 Custom Rotaries and SoftKeys allow you to access commonly used functions with just your muscle memory. The free CQ MixPad app also gives you full control of your mix from anywhere in the venue thanks to the built-in WiFi.

$1,199.99 $1,449.99
You save $250.00

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  • Main Features:
  • 19x Inputs to Mix (16x Mono/Linkable, 3x Stereo)
  • Stereo MainLR Output
  • 6x Aux Outputs (Linkable up to 3x Stereo)
  • 8x XLR Mic/Line Input Sockets
  • 8x XLR/Jack ‘Combi’ Mic/Line Input Sockets
  • Stereo Line Input (2x TRS)
  • 2x XLR Output Sockets (MainLR)
  • 6x TRS Output Sockets
  • 2x Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • Dedicated Stereo USB Input to Mix
  • Dedicated Stereo Bluetooth Input to Mix
  • 96kHz Input/Output Processing
  • 4x Multi-FX Engines
  • Built-In Dual Band WiFi (CQ as Host)
  • RJ45 Network Socket (CQ as Client)
  • USB-A For Stereo Audio Record/Playback and Data
  • USB-B For Multichannel Audio Record/Playback (24x22)
  • SD Card Slot for Multichannel Audio Record/Playback (24x22)
  • 7” Capacitive Touchscreen with 5x Screen Keys and Associated Rotary Encoder
  • 3x Configurable SoftRotaries
  • 3x Configurable SoftKeys
  • Configurable Single/Dual Footswitch Connection
  • 12V DC Power Inlet with switch, External Worldwide PSU supplied
  • Control Via Free Apps – Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android
  • Specifications:
  • Inputs
  • Mic/Line Inputs (Balanced XLR, Balanced XLR/TRS Combi, fully recallable preamp)
  • Phantom Power: +48V (+3V / -2V)
  • Input Sensitivity: -60 to +0dBu
  • Line Inputs (Combi Sockets): -20dB Pad (Fixed)
  • Analogue Gain: 0dB to +60dB, 1dB steps
  • Maximum Input Level: +17dBu (XLR), +30dBu (TRS)
  • Input Impedance: >1.5kΩ (XLR), >10kΩ (TRS)
  • THD+N, Unity gain 0dB: 0.002% -92dBu (20Hz-20kHz, USB soundcard, @0dBu 1kHz)
  • THD+N, Mid gain +30dB: 0.004% -88dBu (20Hz-20kHz, USB soundcard, @-30dBu 1kHz)
  • Stereo Line Input:
  • Stereo Line Input Connection: Balanced, 1/4" TRS Jack, Normalled (Left/Mono)
  • Input Sensitivity: Nominal +4dBu
  • Trim: +/-24dB
  • Maximum Input Level: +21dBu
  • Input Impedance: >10kΩ
  • Outputs:
  • Main LR Outputs (Balanced, XLR)
  • Outputs 1-6: Balanced, 1/4" TRS Jack
  • Output Impedance: <75Ω
  • Nominal Output: +4dBu = 0dB meter reading
  • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
  • Residual Output Noise: -88dBu (muted, 20Hz-20kHz)
  • System:
  • System (Measured balanced XLR in to XLR out, 0dB gain, 0dBu input)
  • Dynamic Range: 110 dB
  • Frequency Response: +0/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Headroom: +18dB
  • Internal operating Level: 0dBu
  • THD+N, Mic routed to Main L/R Out: +10dBu input, 0dB system gain, 0.003%, -92dB (Relative, 20-20kHz)
  • dBFS Alignment: +18dBu = 0dBFS (+22dBu at XLR output)
  • Meter Calibration: 0dB meter = -18dBFS (+4dBu at XLR output)
  • Sampling Rate: 96kHz
  • Bit Depth: Custom bit depth, up to 96-bit
  • Latency: <0.7mS, Local Mic Input to Main L/R, with all processing in or out
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
  • Power: 12V DC, 5A (100-240V AC, 50/60Hz input PSU supplied), 35W max
  • Record/Playback:
  • USB-A:
  • Stereo Record: 48/96 kHz, 24-bit WAV format. Patchable from Outputs, ST in, or FX Units
  • Stereo Playback: 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24 bit, Mono/Stereo WAV files
  • USB-B:
  • USB 2.0, Core Audio compliant, ASIO/WDM for Windows, 48/96 kHz, 24-bit
  • Send / Return: 24 channels / 22 channels
  • SD Card: (SDHC, 32 GB, UHS-I, Class 10 for maximum channels, 48/96 kHz, 24-bit)
  • Multitrack Record: 16 channels @ 96kHz or 24 channels @ 48kHz
  • Multitrack Playback: 16 channels @ 96kHz or 22 channels @ 48kHz
  • Connectivity:
  • Wi-Fi Access Point: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (dual band, auto channel)
  • Bluetooth: 4.1 (high quality stereo playback)
  • Weights and Dimensions: (Width x Depth x Height):
  • As Used: 346 x 242 x 89 mm (13.6" x 9.5" 3.5"), 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Packed in shipping box: 430 x 310 x 200 mm (16.9" x 12.2" x 7.9"), 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)