Clear-Com ARCADIA-X4-96P



Arcadia Central Station is a next generation scalable IP platform that integrates wired and wireless partyline systems, including the full range of FreeSpeak™ products. With a mixture of 2-wire and 4-wire audio ports, the 1RU device serves as the centerpiece of a system that includes Clear-Com endpoints along with third-party AoIP through Dante. The Arcadia Central Station is an IP-based standalone 1RU device supporting wired and wireless endpoints with up to 96 total ports of connectivity,64 of which are available for Dante. Flexible licensing of features - including ports - allows Arcadia to expand over time as needed, making it a future-proof investment.

Built primarily to deploy wireless and wired IP endpoints, the central station also provides support to FreeSpeak II splitters, 1.9 GHz E1 and IP transceivers/beltpacks, and 2.4 GHz E1 transceivers/beltpacks.The Central station supports up to 16 IPT or FreeSpeak Edge® (FSE) transceivers, up to 10 E1 transceivers (1.9 or 2.4GHz), and up to 100 channels. The central station also provides multiple software-defined interoperable IP ports that support both Dante and third-party devices. This third-party connection capability gives the central station a wide powerful breadth of device coverage for professional intercom users.


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  • Main Features:
  • Scalable IP platform
  • Supports the whole FreeSpeak family offering 5, 2.4, and 1.9 GHz band options and work together.
  • Interoperability with Dante third-party devices, up to 64 Dante ports.
  • Density of interconnections, both in number and in types – 76 I/Os total.
  • Supports IP Transceivers via AES67, enabling higher density of beltpacks per transceiver.
  • Modern browser based CCM Interface.
  • Please Note:
  • This version is the Arcadia Central Station 96 Ports 1RU with 4-wire, 2-wire with Dual Power Supply and 4 Pin XLR female.