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HDR-CC HD Radio Capture Client - 1CH HD Radio encoder BSTOCK

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The delivery of additional HD Radio channels has never been so easy.

The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) fits perfectly with Generation 4 HD Radio systems. For a very affordable price it can take in one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an Importer. The audio is sent compressed with an HD Radio codec via IP. That enables setups where the supplemental channels like HD2, HD3 or HD4 can be located remotely from the Importer.

Thanks to the HDR-CC‘s basic sound processing capabilities the supplemental channels can be more equal in loudness compared to the main program service – or the sound processing just fits better to your content.

It is only necessary to set up the Importer IP and directly connect audio to the small box’s XLR connectors. Power over ethernet or external power supplies are supported to also simplify the wiring. Empowered with these features it has never been faster and easier to get an additional HD Radio channel on-air.

Complicated audio switching to meet the requirements for emergency alerts are history.

Because of a new feature implemented by XPERI into the latest Generation 4 Importers, the entire emergency alert for all supplemental channels on the transmitter can be provided by just one HDR-CC. It requires a setup that just has EAS audio connected to the capture client as well as a GPI to trigger the alarm. When the alarm is triggered the HDR-CC logs into the Importer and replaces all supplemental channels (HD2-HD4) with the alarm program. After the GPI is released the HDR-CC logs out and the Importer continues with normal operation.

$736.36 $864.00
You save $127.64

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  • Specifications
  • Audio coding – fitting to your needs
  • HD Radio Codec (HDC)
  • PCM
  • mono, stereo, parametric stereo Optional: sound processing
  • Single band compressor
  • Declipper
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • On request: multiband compressor
  • On request: limiter
  • Interfaces
  • Robust XLR interfaces user configurable from AES/EBU to left/right analog
  • General Purpose Input (GPI) to trigger connection establishment
  • Gigabit ethernet interface with Power over Ethernet
  • Headphone output to listen to audio input or sound processed audio
  • Control
  • Remote control with various possibilities – HTTP/S, FTP, SSH, NMS, SNMP
  • Revised configuration via web user interface for easier setup Ember+