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25-Seven PDMX Program Delay Software



PDMX Program Delay Software

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PDMX brings the legendary features of the original PDM (Program Delay Manager) and PDM II broadcast delays into the virtual age. Ease of use, transparent audio quality, and program director-friendly features combine with AES67 AoIP, Livewire GPIO control, and reliable container architecture to take air chain management to the next level. PDMX is purpose-built for server-based, scalable facilities with forward-thinking broadcasters in mind. It is delivered as a container and can be deployed on-premises on a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) server, on a cloud-based platform such as AWS, or on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 hardware platform.

For those wanting the benefits of a virtualized software processor but with the simplicity of pre-configured hardware, up to four instances of PDMX can be pre-installed on the Telos Alliance® AP-3000 hardware platform.

$2,475.00 $2,750.00
You save $275.00

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    • Main Features:
    • PDMX delivers all the functions of the renowned PDM II delay in a pure software embodiment
    • Container-based instances enable high-density, server-based deployment
    • Livewire+AES67 I/O powers a purely AoIP-based workflow, including Livewire GPIO
    • PD Alert™ instantly emails time-stamped audio files whenever the Dump button is pressed
    • “Dump” file captures what took place both on-air and off-air
    • Seamlessly builds and exits delay, with configurable delay time, build, and dump options
    • Delays IP metadata streams and GPIO, maintaining audio sync
    • PDMX System Requirements:
    • Cores needed per instance: 1 core (x86-64 V3, 4th generation “Haswell” or preferably later Intel Core architecture, or Gen 1 Xeon server CPU)
    • CPU speed requirement: 2 GHz
    • Memory requirements: 256 MB RAM per instance
    • Latency: 80ms typical; CPU speed, AoIP setup, and other factors will affect system latency
    • Required Linux distribution: Ubuntu v20.04, or 22.04 (64-bit)
Please Note:
    The information above is intended to provide general operational guidance for software container deployment on a Linux Server and is subject to change. When running multiple instances, assume a single core allocation for OS & overhead tasks.