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picture of Wheatstone products in darkened studio setting

Wheatstone and BSW: Radio’s Hottest Power Couple

Get the sound you need to grab more listeners with Wheatstone’s cutting-edge audio gear. We’ve got a wide selection, special prices, and budget-friendly extended warranties to protect your investment. Come on, what are you waiting for?

    picture of Wheatstone LXE-2112T    

Powerful Flexibility


LXE digital radio consoles offer a customizable modular architecture with fully flexible control. WheatNet-IP compatible, LXE is available in a range of form factors to best suit your needs.

    picture of Wheatstone AURA8IP-3    

Radio Station in a Box


Wheatstone's BLADE-3 delivers the industry's most advanced I/O and AoIP routing. Each BLADE-3 boasts a full complement of control, logic, audio, and discovery tools for powerful networked operation accessible from anywhere in the WheatNet-IP network. And they're AES67 compatible.

    picture of Audioarts DMX    

IP Audio at Analog Prices


Audioarts' DMX consoles make the power of the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network available to studios on the tightest budgets. Ideal for small two-studio facilities, DMX offers built-in networking that lets you create a smaller local network, adding I/O and another console without needing an external switch.

    picture of Wheatstone VOXPRO7 Bundle    

Awesome Audio Editing


Wheatstone's acclaimed VoxPro7 software is the industry's go-to audio editing system. We have it bundled with a companion hardware controller and USB license key for one great price.

    picture of Wheatstone IP-12 radio console    

World-Class, Budget-Friendly AoIP Networking


The Wheatstone IP-12 radio console comes with a WheatNet-IP I/O mix engine BLADE, making it quick and easy for a small to medium sized station to enter the world of networked audio.

    pictures of AIRAURA-X5 and FM-55    

Ratings-Winning Processors


Better sound means more happy listeners, and nothing delivers better on-air sound than Wheatstone's processors. Whether you go all out with the AirAura X5 FM/HD digital processor, or use the affordable FM-55 for intelligent FM processing, better ratings are waiting.

    picture of Wheatstone M4-IPUSB    

4 Channels of AoIP Networked Voice Processing


The M4IP-USB is a full blown BLADE-3 that gives you four completely independent channels of Wheatstone's award-winning voice processing. But wait, there's more! You can put those four channels anywhere on the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network for ultimate flexibility.

    Wheatstone Glass-E    

Glass-E: Easy Virtual Mixing/Control


Wheatstone’s Glass-E software is the ultimate remote access tool, giving you a studio-ready virtual console for the WheatNet-IP audio network that you can easily control on your PC touchscreen. Use it to control an LX-24, E-6 or E-1 control surface from your home or just about anywhere.