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Henry Engineering Matchbox HD
Bi-Directional Interface Amplifier

The Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD bi-directional stereo level and impedance interface quickly and easily connects consumer gear to professional equipment, eliminating the hum, buzz, and distortion [...]

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Henry Engineering TwinMatch
Interface Amplifier

TwinMatch is a dual-stereo (4-channel) level and impedance converter that interfaces two unbalanced consumer stereo outputs with professional balanced equipment. TwinMatch is ideal for use with a [...]

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Henry Engineering Patchbox-II
Stereo Output Multiplier

The new PatchBox II by Henry Engineering takes a 1/4" TRS L/R stereo source and delivers two balanced XLR, four 1/4" TRS and 6 RCA pairs, for even more outputs from one stereo source! The [...]

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Henry Engineering USDA 2X4
2X4 Distribution/Summing Amplifier

U.S.D.A. (Utility Summing & Distribution Amplifier) is a unique 2x4 mini-DA that can be used to combine or split audio signals for distribution. It can be used as a 1x4 or 2x4 DA in stereo or [...]

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Henry Engineering Logiconverter
Control Interface Unit

LogiConverter is a general purpose control interface that eliminates the incompatibility between various audio and video equipment remote control circuits. LogiConverter has 4 opto-isolated [...]

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Henry Engineering Guest Pod II
Compact Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The MultiPhones Guest Pod II is a compact stereo headphone amplifier for broadcast studios and other professional sound installations. The Guest Pod II can be used with a MultiPhones Master unit or [...]

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Henry Engineering Mike Alert
BI-Color Talley Light Controller

Mike Alert makes installation of Yellowtec's "Mika" mic arms easy! It lets you connect the mic arms integrated dual-color Red/White tally lights to your console. Use Red for "On The Air" and White [...]

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