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Cornell L-201A

Corridor Light Base - Two Gang - Single Lamp


The L-201A clinic status system is mounted on a double-gang box with one lamp. CORNELL Corridor Light bases feature a translucent, wedge-shaped dome cover, over a single incandescent bulb mounted on a stainless-steel plate. Optional custom screen-printed designations are available on domes. Dome cover color options are White (standard) or Red (Red dome covers NOT UL listed).

Technical Information:
• Power Requirements: 24VDC
• Operating Environment: 50-120°F Indoor Non-condensing
• Physical Faceplate Dimensions: 4 ½” H x 2 ¾” W (1 Gang)
• Mounting: Single, double, or three Gang back box with 1” minimum depth
• Wiring: #22 AWG Minimum

List Price: $42.00
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