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Yellowtec YT3105

Mic Arm "On Air" Aluminium XS


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The streamlined construction of the MIKA Microphone Arm is a good example of innovative design à la YELLOWTEC. The elaborate internal linkage and coil spring construction remain hidden from view. Nevertheless MIKA can support microphones weighing up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs). Fine adjustments for various weights are made at the joints using easily accessible thumbscrews .The joints are maintenance free, and remain virtually silent during position adjustment.


Daily studio business needs clear, instant recognisable feedback of information. Where better to display “MIC ON!" than on the microphone itself ? Treat yourself and your guests to a new style of transparency: Red Light, exactly where it belongs! Connections for the microphone and red light are made with a combined connecting cable. Microphone and termination not included.

Need help installing? Want to know the ins and outs of M!ka? Click here to download the M!ka Briefing Book with install diagrams and exploded views of M!ka's products.

*Please note:
- Boom arm ships with an unterminated microphone cable even though picture above shows a terminated microphone cable.

- Microphone sold separately.

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