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Electrovoice PL80C

Dynamic Vocal Mic - Classic Finish


This high-performance vocal mic from the world's premiere microphone manufacturer boasts the latest technology to cut through any mix!

The premium grade PL80c supercardioid dynamic microphone is designed to elegantly capture the character of vocals in live sound applications. Its “EQ-friendly” sonic contour adapts well to any vocal texture allowing vocals to sit nicely in the mix without being harsh.

The enhanced isolation provided by its supercardioid polar pattern protects against system feedback and crosstalk bleed emanating from other nearby sound sources to give you higher gain before feedback and cleaner stage mixes.

Although designed to be a vocal microphone for music and spoken word, the PL80c also works well as an instrument or amplifier microphone.

Electro-Voice PL80c Features:
• EQ-friendly sonic contour
• Highly detailed 80 Hz - 16 kHz frequency response
• Supercardioid polar pattern
• Powerful Neodymium magnet structure
• Shock mounted capsule and low handling noise
• Fine mesh Memraflex grille
• Textured classic satin finish

Electrovoice PL80C Figure 1

Electrovoice PL80C Figure 2
Electrovoice PL80C Figure 3

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