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Inovonics 525-N-BSTOCK

AM Modulation Monitor - BSTOCK


Inovonics 525-N BSTOCKIn Stock
Get a great price on this factory Bstock unit from Inovonics. Inspected and repackaged at the factory and carries Inovonics 3 year Warranty!

The Model 525 is our second-generation AM Mod-Monitor. It was specifically developed to give accurate AM readings with Hybrid Digital (IBOC) transmissions. The 525 is menu-driven with a peak-hold LCD display showing simultaneous positive and negative modulation, incoming RF level and asynchronous noise. Measurement bandwidth extends to more than 10kHz, but a programmable low-pass audio filter can simulate the response of consumer radios or the effects of transmission bandwidth constraints. The 525 is supplied with an outdoor large aperture loop antenna.

Main Features:
• Easy menu-navigated setup and operation
• Bright LCD display
• Frequency-agile design gives accurate off-air measurements
• Maintains AM accuracy with IBOC digital transmissions
• Front-panel alarms and rear-panel tallies for:
• Overmodulation
• Carrier loss
• Audio loss
• Five programmable memory presets for easy station access
• Audio response is independent of measurement bandwidth and may be programmed in 1kHz steps between 10kHz and 2kHz Supports SNMP
• Weatherproof, directional loop antenna (with mounting bracket)

• TUNING RANGE Tunable from the front panel between 520kHz and 1720kHz in 10kHz steps; five station-memory pushbuttons.
• PEAK FLASHERS Absolute-limit flashers (alarmed) are factory-calibrated at –100% and +125% carrier modulation. A second set of flashers may be set from the front panel in 1% increments between –70% and –100% and +70% and +140%.
• RF INPUTS Antenna: This 75-ohm (F) input is specifically intended for the large aperture loop antenna provided. Cable is not included, but up to 100 feet of common RG6 TV coax may be used Direct: A high-level (BNC) input accepts a direct RF sample from the transmitter between 1V and 7V r.m.s.
• MEASUREMENT BANDWIDTH Carrier amplitude demodulation extends from 20Hz to 10kHz, ±0.2dB. Modulation measurements are not affected by the user-selectable audio cutoff or NRSC de-emphasis.
• AUDIO RESPONSE Audio at the program line output and headphone jack may be menu-selected for “FLAT” response, which follows the full-bandwidth modulation measurement characteristic, or restricted in 1kHz steps between 10kHz and 2kHz (–3dB point) per the graph below.
• AUDIO DE-EMPHASIS A menu command turns NRSC ‘truncated’ 75μs de-emphasis on and off in the program audio and headphone outputs with any user-selected audio cutoff option.
• AUDIO DISTORTION Less than 0.5%THD at 100% carrier modulation.
• AUDIO NOISE Typically better than 55dB below 100% modulation at an S9 carrier level with 10kHz audio bandwidth and NRSC de-emphasis selected.
• AUDIO OUTPUTS The active-balanced (XLR) program audio output delivers +4dBm at 100% modulation. A front-panel headphone jack (1/4-inch TRS) also monitors the demodulated audio.
• ALARMS Front-panel indications and open-collector NPN transistor ‘tally’ outputs signal OVERMODULATION, CARRIER LOSS and PROGRAM AUDIO LOSS conditions. Support for SNMP
• POWER REQUIREMENTS 105-130VAC and 210-260VAC; 50/60Hz; 20W.
• SIZE AND SHIPPING WEIGHT 23” x 16” x 5” (2U); 12 lbs 584mm x 406mm x 127mm ; 5.4 kg

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