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Best Headphone 5-Pack Ever!

Feast your ears on our latest, greatest headphone 5-pack. Enjoy clarity, balance, ergonomic comfort and more for just $149.


Broadcast Processing Powerhouse

Take your sound to unprecedented levels with Orban's loaded OPTIMOD 5750 FM and digital (DAB+/HD) audio processor.


July Exclusive!

This month only, get a FREE connector/cable kit ($500 value) when you buy the loaded Audioarts 12-channel analog radio console.


FREE Bluetooth!

Get the Arrakis ARC-15BP-blue Bluetooth-enabled broadcast console for the same price as the standard ARC-15. Save hundreds!


Staff Picks

'Designed from the ground up, BSW Aircans are made for radio. Our most comfortable headphone yet, it's chocked full of features to sound good, keep down outside noise, and lessen ear fatigue. Preorder now!'

—Joey, BSW GearHead

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Tech Dive Season 4 | Episode 5: Inrush Broadcast Services

John Lynch digs deep into engineering installation with Inrush Broadcasting's Shaun Dolan.

BSW Presents: The BAD TOO Assisted Listening Headphone

BSW Video Classic: Brilliant Audio Designs (BAD) showcases the award-wishing BAD TOO assisted listening headphone.

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