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Angry Audio


Radio Mixing Console with Power Supply and StudioHub Adapters and Cables

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RAVE is the new radio mixing console from Angry Audio. Up to eight stereo line inputs, up to four microphone inputs, two output mix buses, two mix-minus outputs with talkback, flexible monitoring for the board operator, monitor feed to studio guests with talkback, automatic monitor muting when the mics are open, crystal clear metering and tallies. The control surface is machined and anodized aluminum. The markings are all laser etched so as to never wear out.

Easy installation with StudioHub+ RJ45 connectors for line inputs and outputs, XLR inputs for microphones, a built-in power supply (no wall wart here), mic and line remote logic, warning and user tally outputs for lighting ON AIR signs and annunciators, preview (cue) on every channel, silky smooth faders, avionics-style switches with LED illumination. Sleek, low-profile desktop design.

$2,564.00 $2,699.00
You save $135.00

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  • Main Features:
  • On-Air indicator lights up when mics are open and monitors muted.
  • Two stereo output mix buses, Program and Audition.
  • Preview (cue) on every input.
  • Channels 1-4 switchable between mics and lines.
  • Dedicated meters for both output mix buses.
  • Machined aluminum control surface with laser-etched markings.
  • On/off buttons are slightly recessed to prevent accidental actuation.
  • Channels 5-6 switchable between pro and IHF levels.
  • Ergonomic wrist rest.
  • Channels 7-8 are capable of mix-minus.
  • Two mix-minus outputs with talkback.
  • Monitor selector with talkback to guests.
  • Built-in high-power headphone amplifier.
  • Flexible monitoring section for board operator.
  • Full-throw faders for monitor and headphone volume.
  • Control room speaker output. Mutes when microphones are on.
  • Redundant outputs (DA type) for both Program and Audition.
  • Logic for mics and lines, user buttons and on-air tally.
  • Premium long-life components throughout.
  • StudioHub+ connectors for line inputs and outputs.
  • Four studio-grade mic preamps.
  • Both kinds of jacks for both kinds of headphone plugs.
  • 48V phantom power.
  • Ultra low noise and distortion specifications.
  • Powder-coated steel chassis. RFI immune and built to last.
  • External broadcast-grade power supply.
  • Feed audio and power to a chain of guest headphone amps.
  • What's Included:
  • RAVE! Radio Mixing Console
  • Power Supply
  • StudioHub Cables/Adapters Kit