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Shure ULXD2-B87C

Handheld Transmitter with BETA 87C


Shure ULXD2-B87C
Thumbnail Image for Shure ULXD2-B87CThumbnail Image for Shure ULXD2-B87C
Shure ULXD2-B87C Figure 1The Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless series offers exceptional audio clarity, efficient RF performance and rugged, intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware. Its advanced recharging technology eliminates the need for disposable batteries while extending usage times and life cycle.

The Shure ULXD/B87C features a ULXD2 handheld wireless transmitter sporting a Beta 87C microphone cartridge. Click here to get a quote.

The Shure ULXD2 is a handheld wireless transmitter boasting a rugged yet lightweight aluminum body and integrated antenna. Capable of using many of Shure's acclaimed mic cartridges, it offers exceptional audio quality, superb RF performance and AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission.

Shure ULXD2 Features:

• 30 Hz-20 kHz range with flat frequency response (actual response is microphone dependent)
• Works with interchangeable Shure microphone cartridges (this version comes with Beta 87C cartridge)
• AES 256-bit encryption for applications for which secure transmission is needed
• Proprietary Shure Gain Ranging optimizes the system's dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments
• Shure Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack provides over 12 hours of battery life, precision metering in hours and minutes with 5 segment battery fuel gauge, and zero memory effect
• External charging contacts for docked charging (with the SBC200 Dual Docking Charger)
• Backlit LCD with easy to navigate menu and controls
• Rugged metal construction
• Frequency and power lockout

The Shure Beta 87C high-output condenser microphone cartridge delivers studio-grade performance and a smooth, extended high-end frequency response in a cardioid condenser design. The microphone adds warmth to the frequency response and creates an ideal environment for in ear personal monitoring. And its highly consistent cardioid pattern offers excellent rear rejection. It operates on phantom power.

Shure Beta 87C Features:
• Smooth, wide frequency response (50Hz - 20kHz) with slight presence rise
• Uniform cardioid polar pattern for maximum isolation
• Wide dynamic range (117 dB)
• Minimum off-axis tone coloration
• Low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect
• Three-stage pop filter minimizes breath pop and noise

Please note: The main product image shows the ULXD2 with an SM58 cartridge.

Shure ULX-D System Specifications:

Shure ULXD2-B87C Figure 2

Shure ULXD2-B87C Figure 3

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