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Henry Engineering StereoSwitch-II

Stereo Switcher


Henry Engineering StereoSwitch-II Figure 1StereoSwitch II is a three-input stereo audio switcher. It accepts up to three stereo balanced audio sources, selecting one to be routed to the stereo balanced output. It is ideally suited for numerous broadcast applications, e.g., as a studio switcher, line selector, or for automatic source selection under the control of a broadcast automation system.

StereoSwitch II utilizes sealed relays with gold-plated contacts for audio switching. There is no circuitry in the audio path, making StereoSwitch II totally transparent to the source. The unit can be controlled with front panel pushbuttons, and/or remotely controlled with any GPI contact closure, open collector, TTL/CMOS logic, or DC voltage.

Internal power-up programming permits the user to determine which of the three inputs is automatically selected when AC is applied. The “Priority Return” mode selects Input #1 if no other input is selected. Tally outputs are provided to drive remote status indicators. Inactive sources can be automatically terminated. Audio inputs and outputs are via plug-in euroblock connectors. Control inputs are via a 9-pin D connector.

StereoSwitch II is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall-mounted using optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. StereoSwitch II is powered by an internal AC power supply.

Henry Engineering StereoSwitch-II Figure 2

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