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Shure MX393C

Microphone, Boundary Cardioid w/ Preamp


Shure MX393C
Shure MX393C Figure 1Shure Microflex MX393 Series microphones are surface-mounted electret condenser microphones designed primarily for mounting on conference tables, stage floors, and lecterns. Their high sensitivity and wide frequency range make them especially suitable for picking up speech and vocals in sound reinforcement and recording applications. Interchangeable cartridges provide the installer with greater flexibility and make it possible to easily reconfigure microphone coverage as the need arises.

The  MX393 model includes an internal pre amplifier. MX393 Series microphones take advantage of the principle that, at a barrier or boundary, the sound pressure level doubles. When placed near a sufficiently large boundary surface, the microphone has 6 dB higher sensitivity and approximately 3 dB greater direct-to-reverberant sound ratio.
• Flat frequency response across the vocal range for uncolored sound
• Interchangeable cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional cartridges that provide choices for applications
• Sleek, low-profile design for unobtrusive appearance
• Balanced transformerless output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs
• Low susceptibility to electromagnetic hum and RFI
• Programmable on/off switch and LED on/off indicator 
Shure MX393C Figure 2

Shure MX393C Figure 3

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