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File-Based Podcast On-Demand Processing Software



Poor quality sound is fatiguing and creates the risk of listeners tuning out. Like a dirty windshield, compromised audio quality obscures the sonic landscape. Details get lost, speech can be more difficult to comprehend, and content can suffer as a result. Omnia processing makes audio more listenable, less fatiguing, and more consistent. If you care about your Podcast content getting through to the listener, you need to care about sound quality.

As more audio is produced remotely and consumed on-demand, the challenge of consistent audio levels is becoming even greater. In fact, it is the number one complaint of podcast listeners!

OmniaTools™ allows you to automatically manage loudness levels on all content and create your signature sound on podcasts, helping you stand out and keep your audience engaged. This easy-to-use, enterprise-class Windows Service makes it simple to create consistent loudness for all your audio files while improving the quality of the audio.

*Please Note: First-year of TelosCare PLUS is mandatory for this software.

Main Features:
• File-based Omnia.9 processing
• Hot folder or API-driven processing
• File type auto-detect
• Clearly labeled, proven presets based on our Omnia.9 hardware processor
• Up to 4 concurrent jobs at once
• Automation through watch folders
• Automation through REST API
• Preset editing via graphical UI
• Supports PCM, MP2, MP3, & AAC audio formats
• Up to 16 audio channels
• Audio program presets
• TU-1770 and EBU R 128 loudness control
• Momentary and Short-Term loudness adjustment
• Loudness range adjustment
• Omnia.9 processing with your preset

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