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Nugen Audio SEQ-ST

**Stereo only Linear phase EQ with spline interface and matching and morphing function


SEQ-ST gives you powerful sonic sculpting and EQ matching, with stereo mid-side operation and automated spectrum analysis. Massage and correct any audio with incredible resolution that you just can’t get with a traditional parametric interface. A direct-draw interface and detailed spectrum analysis make it easy to quickly identify and specifically fine-tune your audio. Couple this with EQ matching via sonic fingerprinting and you have some unique possibilities.

Main Features:
• Transparent sound without phase smearing
• Sharper transients
• No phase warping
• Match different takes and environments
• Mono, stereo, Mid-side
• Clone source EQ to target mix
• Invert facility to sculpt specific space
• 3 independent individually assignable curves
• Individual L/R/M/S channel access
• Easily generate complex curves
• Curve scale and smoothing
• Intuitive zoomable interface

Available formats:
• We support AAX, VST, VST3, AU and AudioSuite in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. RTAS is also available as 32-bit only.
Minimum System Specification:
• Mac OSX 10.7.x, 512 MB RAM
• Windows XP or above, 512 MB RAM

**No returns/exchanges on Software


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