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Zoom IQ7
Rotating MS Stereo Microphone for iOS devices - Lightning Connector

When you're ready to take your iOS audio to the next level, plug in a Zoom iQ7. This compact yet full-featured mid-side stereo condenser mic is perfect for capturing music as well as video with [...]

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Zoom IQ6
XY Stereo Microphone for IOS devices - Lightning Connector

Turn your iOS device into a field recorder by plugging in a Zoom iQ6—the world's first stereo X/Y microphone with a Lightning connector. Capture the sound of concerts, interviews, meetings and [...]

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Zoom AM7
Android Stereo Microphone

The Am7 is the perfect audio-for-video companion for your Android device. Ideal for music videos, video podcasts, vlogging and more, the Am7 makes your videos sound as good as they look. Choose [...]

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Zoom ZDM-1
Dynamic Microphone

The Zoom ZDM-1 Dynamic Microphone delivers smooth, natural tone with built-in noise protection and impressive sound rejection for clear, focused, broadcast-quality recordings. The ZDM-1 captures [...]

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