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Studio Projects B1
Studio Condenser Microphone – Cardioid

Today's forecast: sky-high performance at a low-pressure price. This large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone offers a high quality transformerless design and extremely low noise. Extremely [...]

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Studio Projects B3
Studio Condenser Microphone Multi-Pattern

Multitasking? Think multi-pattern. This large diaphragm condenser microphone offers three recording pattern positions (cardioid, omni and a true figure eight) with a -10 db pad and Hi-Pass filter. [...]

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Studio Projects C1
Fixed Cardioid LD Mic

Looking for a versatile studio condenser at an attractive price? We see one. This large diaphragm, fixed-cardioid condenser microphone boasts a 1.06" (27mm) capsule, high quality, low noise [...]

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Studio Projects C4
Matched Pair of Small Diaphragm Studio Condenser Mics

The C4 is small diaphragm condenser microphone set featuring interchangeable capsules, switchable -10dB pad/high pass filter and a linear low-noise, solid-state amplifier body. Its modularity makes [...]

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Studio Projects C4-HYPER
Single C4 Hypercardioid Capsule

Optional single Hypercardioid capsule for the Studio Projects' C4 matched pair microphones (C4MICSET).

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