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Interfaces and Routers

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Henry Engineering Matchbox HD
Bi-Directional Interface Amplifier

The Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD bi-directional stereo level and impedance interface quickly and easily connects consumer gear to professional equipment, eliminating the hum, buzz, and distortion [...]

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Henry Engineering RMA
Rack Mount Adaptor

Rack shelf adaptor for Henry Matchbox, Superelay, and other 1/3-space Henry Engineering units. 2 filler panels are included.

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Henry Engineering TwinMatch
Interface Amplifier

TwinMatch is a dual-stereo (4-channel) level and impedance converter that interfaces two unbalanced consumer stereo outputs with professional balanced equipment. TwinMatch is ideal for use with a [...]

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Henry Engineering Patchbox-II
Stereo Output Multiplier

The new PatchBox II by Henry Engineering takes a 1/4" TRS L/R stereo source and delivers two balanced XLR, four 1/4" TRS and 6 RCA pairs, for even more outputs from one stereo source! The [...]

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Henry Engineering StereoSwitch-II
Stereo Switcher

StereoSwitch II is a three-input stereo audio switcher. It accepts up to three stereo balanced audio sources, selecting one to be routed to the stereo balanced output. It is ideally suited for [...]

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Henry Engineering Multiport
Multi-Format Audio Interface Panel

The Henry Engineering MultiPort is a utility interconnect panel that facilitates interface between a studio and external audio equipment. MultiPort provides convenient access to a studio's analog and [...]

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Henry Engineering Desk Mount Kit
Desk Mounting Kit

Desk Mounting kit for Henry Engineering products. Sports pod pictured, not included.

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Henry Engineering Logiconverter
Control Interface Unit

LogiConverter is a general purpose control interface that eliminates the incompatibility between various audio and video equipment remote control circuits. LogiConverter has 4 opto-isolated [...]

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Henry Engineering AES DIGISWITCH-3X1
3-Input AES Digital Audio Switcher

AES DigiSwitch 3X1 is a three-input switcher for AES digital audio signals. It accepts up to three AES audio sources, selecting one that is sent to the AES output. It is ideally suited for numerous [...]

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Henry Engineering BACKUPS
UPS Power Controller

BackUPS is a power controller for ensuring reliable AC power to critical equipment that is powered with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). BackUPS constantly monitors the output of the UPS, and [...]

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Henry Engineering Mike Alert
BI-Color Talley Light Controller

Mike Alert makes installation of Yellowtec's "Mika" mic arms easy! It lets you connect the mic arms integrated dual-color Red/White tally lights to your console. Use Red for "On The Air" and White [...]

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Henry Engineering SUPERELAYII
LED/AC Tally light utility control interface

BSW has a complete Internet Radio solution, ready to go, for you, to get you broadcasting on the www's in no time. Superelay II is a multi-circuit controller for any application where [...]

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Henry Engineering SUPERLIGHT
LED Tally Light Controller

SUPERLIGHT is a logic/control interface for controlling low voltage studio tally lights. It can directly power 12 volt DC LED tally lights that draw up to 500 mA. SuperLight includes a flasher [...]

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