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**RDS Texting Process for RDS\RBDS Encoders Rate- Per Location


In today's connected world, devices showing “now playing” information have taken the display from a novelty to an expected feature. What started as an artist and title display on some FM receivers has grown into a texting system on a wide variety of devices including the web.

Now that FM receivers are included in mobile devices such as the Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune and many other cell phone manufacturers, RT+ offers broadcasters the potential to ensure greater listener loyalty, and new ways of branding the station and generating revenue.

Promotional messages, weather and sports updates, contest information and more are mixed in with “now playing” information and delivered to all of these devices. With these new delivery methods comes the opportunity to offer on-air advertising clients additional exposure on all of these other mediums quickly and easily.

The Arctic Palm Center Stage Live package for PC lets you add “now playing”, promotional messages and selective advertiser messages to your on-line stream, your website, and HD channels. It offers support for most of the major RDS\RBDS encoders via TCP/IP, UDP, or a serial connection.

As part of Center Stage Live, CSRDS is licensed by Station and the software may be installed on as many workstations as necessary without any additional costs.

Configure CSRDS to capture now playing information from different systems for different day parts. You can have one system for local content, another for a satellite feed, or from the web for non-automation periods.

Select what information goes to any combination of output devices, such as songs only to the Web and Dynamic Display, Songs and promos to the Radio Text, Songs, Promos and commercials to the Stream for commercial substitution.

Center Stage Live is available in different licensing packages. This package is for one site (two stations per site). All software is available for download.”

Arctic Palm Center Stage Live Features:
• Capture now playing information from your automation system(s)
• Schedule promotional material by Station, Date, Day of Week and Time of day or “Trigger” messages based on what's playing
• Automatically capture local weather from the National Weather Service or Environment Canada
• Send messages to any combination of RDS\RBDS encoders, HD Radio systems, Web Site, On-Line Player, other applications

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