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Shure MX185

Cardioid Condenser Lavalier Mic


Shure MX185 Figure 1No bigger than a paper clip, the Microflex MX185 cardioid lavalier microphone brings a new level of sophistication to personal voice reproduction. Like all the Microflex family microphones, the MX185 can use any of Shure's other interchangeable condenser cartridges. All the accessories you need are included: a pivoting, single-microphone tie clip; dual microphone tie clip; black, snap-fit foam windscreen; belt-clip preamp; 4-foot cable with 4-pin TA4F connector. It is completely compatible with all Shure wireless transmitters, and its high sensitivity and wide frequency response guarantee great sound with a minimum of RF interference or electromagnetic hum. Plus, each Microflex Lavalier features the same Shure quality sound that has become an industry standard.

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