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Jamie Singer, Senior Sales Representative


Preferred title
: Zombie Slayer Extraordinare


Favorite thing about your job: Via both domestic and international clients, traveling the world vicariously


When not working: Keep busy searching for ET’s, diving into the paranormal, and mowing the yard


On my Radio:Crazy Jazz , cause life is free form

Words of wisdom: Enjoy the little things (Rule #32).


Favorite movie: Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory (1971)


Jamie Singer

Dream dinner guests: Tommy Lee, Hannibal Lecter, Bruce Campbell


Favorite vacation destination: Anywhere that I can get a pint!

My passion is: To the point “Audio”, recording, mixing, live sound

Jamie's Bio
Jamie's interest in audio all started in the summer of 1991 with a 4 track cassette recorder that his rock-n-roll band used to record demos. Fascinated by the technology he acquired his own and fell head over heels for it. "This is what I want to do!". From there the addiction excelled to the point that he uprooted his family to the Seattle area where higher learning gave him a greater knowledge of the field.

After doing much work in recording studio's, tapping in to the live concert scene (FOH and roadie), as well as local area freelance opportunities, Jamie heard the cries of broadcast audio calling for him. Which brings us up to date with our heroes story. "BSW has been amazing. Great clients, wonderful cohorts, and plenty of shop talk to keep one going."



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