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Henry Engineering SUPERLIGHT

LED Tally Light Controller



SUPERLIGHT is a logic/control interface for controlling low voltage studio tally lights. It can directly power 12 volt DC LED tally lights that draw up to 500 mA. SuperLight includes a flasher circuit, as well as a DPDT relay output that can be used for any low voltage switching, speaker muting, or other utility use.

The LED output can supply 12 vdc at up to 500 ma; it can also “sink” up to 2 amps if used with an external power source. The LED output can be set to “flash” when ON for use with ON THE AIR warning lights. All control, relay output, and LED output connections are via plug-in euroblock connectors.Two RJ45 connectors are also provided for Control wiring compatibility with WheatNet-IP Blade and similar installations that use cat5/cat6 wiring.

• Control Inputs: Maintained 5-24 VDC or GPI closure
• RJ45: Maintained 5-24 VDC, user assignable
• Input Load: 1K ohm, opto-isolated
• Tally Output: 12 VDC, 500 mA max, direct
• Ext Power: 30 VDC, 2 A max
• Tally Flasher: Included, switchable on/off
• Relay Output: DPDT dry contacts, 24 VDC @ 1A max
• Power Input: 12 VDC wall transformer supplied
• Size, Weight: 5.75”w X 3.25”d X 2.0”h, 1lb
• Material: RoHS compliant ABS

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