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Henry Engineering BACKUPS

UPS Power Controller



BackUPS is a power controller for ensuring reliable AC power to critical equipment that is powered with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). BackUPS constantly monitors the output of the UPS, and automatically bypasses the UPS if its output fails or becomes unstable. BackUPS has two AC inputs: LINE and UPS. Line is plugged directly into a local AC socket; UPS is connected to the output of the UPS. If BackUPS senses that there is any interruption in the UPS output, it switches to Line, bypassing the UPS entirely. This keeps the load powered-up, and allows the UPS to be disconnected for battery replacement or other maintenance.

BackUPS includes a Delay timer that ensures the UPS output is stable before the UPS is switched online. Whenever the UPS output comes on, the system monitors its output for a preset time period. The UPS will be switched online only if the UPS output is stable.

• Inputs 2: From Line, From UPS
• Input Voltage: 120VAC, IEC connector x2
• Output: 120VAC, Duplex outlet, 15A
• Modes: UPS Bypass, Automatic, with or w/o Delay
• Indicators: LEDs for AC power-on, UPS-on, Delay
• Delay Time: 10 seconds – 16 minutes, -+10%
• Status Output: +12VDC when UPS is active
• Control Input: GPI or DC voltage to force Bypass mode
• Physical: 6.30” x 4.60” x 2.00”, 2lbs

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