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Heil Sound HDK-7

7 - Piece Heil "Standard" Drum Kit


Heil Sound HDK-7 Figure 1The Heil HDK-7 drum kit features two PR 22 mics for snare and high hat, two PR 28s for toms, two PR 30Bs for overheads and one PR 48 for kick drum, as well as clips, mounts. and a sturdy hardshell carrying case. The PR 22, a great dynamic vocal mic, has long been used by pro drummers to nail their snare and hi-hat sound. The other three dynamic mics are brand new and have features, both sonically and physically, that make them ideal for drums.

Heil HDK-7 Features:
• Two PR 22 mics (snare and hi-hat)
• Two PR 28 mics (with PR 20 capsule, specially designed for toms)
• Two HH-1 tom mounts
• Two PR 30B drum overhead mics
• One PR 48 kick drum mic
• Two HM mic clips
• Black hardshell carrying case

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