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Henry Engineering MultiPhones-II

Multi-User Headphone Distribution System


Henry Engineering MultiPhones-II Figure 1The MultiPhones II system, consisting of a Master unit and up to 12 satellite Guest Pods interconnected with standard CAT5 cabling, offers independent stereo headphone listening facilities with Zoned Talkback for up to 12 users. Its Master unit distributes Program audio to all Guest Pods via three outputs, with each output working as an isolated Talkback zone. You can connect Guest Pods to the three outputs in any combination, allowing a producer or call screener to communicate with Guest Pod listeners in each zone, overriding normal Program audio with Talkback mic audio.

The Master unit has inputs for stereo Program audio, Talkback audio, and remote Talkback control, along with Master Level trimmers for Program and Talkback so you can preset maximum levels. There are three RJ45 jacks to distribute audio and power to the Guest Pods. A pair of RJ45 jacks on each Guest Pod let you daisy chain multiple units to each Master unit output. Each Guest Pod contains a stereo headphone amplifier, volume control and 1/4” and 1/8” headphone jacks, as well as a cough button and mic-on LED that you can wire to the audio console or other equipment.

Optimized for use with contemporary high-efficiency headphones with impedances between 24 and 600 ohms, it is powered by a built-in AC power supply.
Henry Engineering MultiPhones-II Figure 2

Henry Engineering MultiPhones-II Figure 3

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