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Endec Broadcaster Software


ENDEC DJ is designed for stations that serve as emergency alert originators rather than as a simple emergency alert relay point.

This Windows based point and click PC software package for the ENDEC gives you all of the EAS parameters on one screen. Only those counties that apply to your area appear. Sending an alert is a simple matter of clicking on the counties you want to send to and selecting the proper event from the pull down list. Then you just press the ready button.

You can configure ENDEC DJ to use any of the ENDEC's audio inputs as the audio source, or you can select “console.” In console mode, the ENDEC is in line only while sending headers and the end of message data tone. Your regular audio path is restored for the audio portion of the alert. A large “talk” indication appears on the screen with a countdown of time remaining for the alert.

Main Features:
• Uses the Sage ENDEC, an FCC Certified EAS encoder/decoder
• Allows access to all event codes and location codes
• Allows selection of a subset of the location codes to appear on the screen, as well as a pull down menu of ll location codes
• Logs all incoming and outgoing events

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