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Heil Sound FIN

Deco Style Dynamic Mic With Phantom Powered LEDs


Heil Sound FIN
Heil Sound FINhei_fin_bl.JPG
Heil Sound FIN Figure 1Every day is Valentine's Day with the Heil Fin, offering the finest eye, ear and throat candy in one luscious handful.

This dynamic microphone conjures up the glory days of sound with an Art Deco design lit up by phantom-powered internal blue LEDs. With stunning good looks and lush upper midrange to push it to the top of every vocalist's wish list, it features Heil's PR 20 large diaphragm element to deliver a wide frequency range and the ability to handle extreme sound pressure levels.

Boasting a large, low mass aluminum diaphragm, an incredibly strong magnet structure, and innovative phasing plug assembly, it produces a very linear cardioid pattern that rejects unwanted sound from the rear, and reduces the proximity effect while achieving perfect articulation.

Main Features:
• Dynamic cardioid mic with Neodymium magnet assembly
• Beautiful vintage vibe
• Phantom-powered internal blue LEDs
• Heil PR 20 large diaphragm element
• Wide frequency range of 50Hz-18kHz
• 600 ohms balanced impedance
• Easily handles high SPLs
• Perfect midrange articulation

Also Available in Red & Chrome.
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