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Discussions on all things radio broadcast, podcast, live sound and voiceover.

Trail Blazing with Wheatstone's VoxPro

For two decades and counting, VoxPro has been the industry's go-to digital audio recorder/editor for on-air radio applications, and ever since the visionaries at Wheatstone acquired it in 2015, VoxPro has become even more versatile and indispensable. Why Pros Use VoxPro
VoxPro (the current version is VoxPro 7.1) is the only recorder/editor in the business that integrates a dedicated ergonomic hardware controller with software designed expressly to record, edit, and play clips on the air and in real time. Its possibilities are virtually endless. Rambling call-ins can be swiftly transformed into concise, cut-to-the-chase pearls of wisdom.  Read On.


Broadcast Transmitter Upgrades: Another Welcome Sign of Spring

It's as sure a sign of spring as the return of the robin redbreast: the urge to take your sporty car out of its winter mothballs and hit the open road, or even better, get yourself a brand new high-performance vehicle and really go places. Radio broadcasters have long felt a similar urge. Spring is the traditional time to install a spanking new, fully loaded, fully modern transmitter at your site. But which transmitter will speed you down the smoothest road to the land of eager new listeners (and eager new advertising dollars)? There may be no right answer to that question. Every media market has its own unique highways and byways. But here are some possibilities. Read On.


Wheatstone Broadcast Consoles

Upgrading to a new radio broadcast console shouldn't be an impulse buy. Many things should be considered: your studio's needs, the console's feature set, its ease of use, longevity, networkability, affordability and more. Simply put, which broadcast console gives you the most bang for your buck? Read On.


Comparing 3 Popular Broadcast Microphones

As Radio continues to sail the airwaves while reaching new audiences across today's streaming platforms, and podcasters jostle for the attention of content-hungry listeners, the need for a high-quality broadcast microphone has never been greater. But with so many available options, how do you choose the mic that's right for you? That's a good question with no easy answer, but taking a look at three popular broadcast microphones may help a bit. Read On.


5 Reasons Radio Still has The Most Listeners

Despite the rise of digital streaming services, terrestrial radio the most listened-to medium in the United States. According to Nielsen’s 2022 Audio Today study, an astonishing 93% of Americans aged 18 and older listen to the radio at least once a month. As one of the oldest forms of media transmission, radio has been accused of being outdated, but its sustained popularity proves that sentiment wrong. Radio’s easy access, and low cost (free) and have given it staying power. Read On.


Upgrades to Improve Your Broadcast Radio Signal

As any broadcast engineer or station owner knows, creating, managing, and maintaining a radio broadcast is always a challenge, but it's flat out impossible if you don't have the proper equipment. Upgrading to high-quality equipment give you the tools you need to make a polished, clear professional on-air broadcast and hone the skills required for a lengthy career in radio broadcasting. Read On.


3 Shifts in the Growing Broadcast Industry

Although the last decade has been full of ups and downs in the radio broadcast industry, it’s not going away any time soon. And while radio has struggled, TV broadcast is growing, as are smaller broadcast formats like podcasters and YouTube content creation. This bodes well for the broadcast engineer. Read on.


Choosing the Right Broadcasting Equipment

Between YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, it seems like everyone is a content creator or podcaster. However, to be truly successful and stand out in this crowded field, you need interesting, dynamic video and excellent sound quality. Read on.


Update Your Broadcasting Equipment
and Headphones to Stay Ahead

It’s natural to put off upgrading your broadcast gear, especially if your current equipment works as it should. But you should consider the competitive landscape: if your competition is using multiple cameras in HD with crystal clear audio, and robust editing software, your content isn’t going to feel as fresh and exciting, and you’ll struggle to maintain engagement and find new subscribers or listeners. Read More.