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For more than a century, Radio has connected with eager listeners everywhere. And for over 60 years, Comrex has dedicated itself to creating the highest quality equipment for the studio, the field, and the internet - helping stations forge unshakeable connections with their ever-widening audiences. We know your listeners are counting on you. You can count on Comrex.

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Comrex's next generation BRIC-Link III IP audio codec gives you a more powerful processor for superior reliability, an intuitive user interface for smooth, easy control, handy compatibility with all other Comrex codecs and a whole lot more.

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Comrex Bric-Link III
Comrex Bric-Link III

BSW Exclusive BRIC-Link III Package

This exclusive package gives you two BRIC-Link IIIs, two Middle Atlantic universal rack shelves, and two BRIC-Link III filler panels for a complete Studio/STL solution.

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Comrex Bric-Link III Package
Comrex Bric-Link II
Comrex Access NX Comrex Access NX

Go live from anywhere.

Whether you're broadcasting internationally, broadcasting from the field, or from your living room, ACCESS NX is the portable codec of choice for remote broadcasts.

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Comrex Opal
Comrex Opal

Make guest interviews simple.

Opal enables guests to connect to the studio by simply clicking a link. All they need on their end is a phone or a laptop with an internet connection, and they can connect to the studio with HD audio.

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Live Studio

Broadcast-quality live video streaming

LiveShot is helping TV hosts across the nation broadcast safely anywhere Internet access is available - including home studios. It works to deliver high quality, low latency video and is especially optimized to perform well on challenging IP networks like 3G, 4G and satellite-based links. For a complete system, the Liveshot Portable encoder must accompany the Liveshot Studio decoder.

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Comrex Live Shot
Blue wave
comrex J1000 AM Transmitter

Radio on the Road

FieldTap is a broadcast-oriented Voice over IP (VoIP) application with features such as audio level metering, contact list, and streamlined operation for field use. FieldTap is a breeze to use and sounds great! Best of all, it's free!.

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Thank you for trusting Comrex. And for making each and every connection the strongest it can be.