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Henry Engineering Sportscaster

Sports Broadcast Audio Control System


Henry Engineering Sportscaster
Henry Engineering SportscasterHenry Engineering SportscasterHenry Engineering Sportscaster
The SportsCaster is a comprehensive audio control system for managing the audio portion of a sporting event video broadcast. When used with Henry Engineering’s Sports Pods, the SportsCaster provides integrated management of these audio functions:

Main Features/Functions:
• Talent mic audio mixing 
• Talent headphone audio distribution 
• Talkback/Intercom Mic facility for Producer 
• Duplex intercom between Producer and Talent 
• Producer headphone audio mixing 
• Headphone mix for Field Reporter and Camera operators 
• Field Reporter Headphone output 
• Duplex intercom between Producer and Field reporter 
• Party-line intercom between Producer/Talent/Field reporter 
• Camera operators Headphones Output 
• Talkback from Producer to Camera operators 
• Inputs for crowd mic, PA announcer, etc. 
• Cue bus to audition auxiliary sources 
• Main Program output to air or streaming

All of these functions are provided by SportsCaster, using intuitive controls that are easy to understand and use. By integrating all audio functions in one unit, SportsCaster eliminates the need for multiple mixers, headphone amplifiers, DAs, power supplies, and complicated wiring. SportsCaster can be installed in minutes using standard cabling. SportsCaster is a 1-RU unit that mounts in any standard 19” rack enclosure.

Typical Install Example Below:
Henry Engineering Sportscaster Figure 1

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